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Health Coaching

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An all-in-one solution for automated follow up, client info, scheduling, health forms and more...

Automated Text Campaigns

All your new client kick off and start week texts sent for you. Never have to remember who is on what day again. Go on vacation and schedule them in advance.

Never Miss a Detail

Keep notes and even store progress pics and health assessments all in one place for each client. Even create reminders for yourself to follow up on important details from your client/coach calls.

Auto-Create Health Forms

Send new clients your personalized health assessment link that auto-creates them in your system and schedules a follow up health assessment for you. (No more paper binders)

See Optapro in action! (90sec)

Create Brain Space On YOUR Schedule

Receive client texts, make and receive calls through your own area code Optapro number. Turn the app on/off when it works for you. Client care on your terms- Stay present with family and vacations and get back to those notifications when you're ready to focus instead of being interrupted. Focus vs. reacting.

Bulk Text Like a Pro

Text your entire client list about that promotion, your coach team, or 100's list all at one time. They receive it as individuals not as a group text.

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Book a personalized 15min tour

Let's connect! Book a quick no-commitment 15min tour to see how Optapro might be a good fit for your growing business!

Schedule like a Boss... because you are

Sync your Google calendar and send your personalized calendar link for coaches and clients to check in with you based on your pre-set availability.


No more time-zone games

Send a calendar a link that auto-reads for your client's time zone, no more guessing, "is that 2pm my time or yours?"


Auto-send appointment reminders after clients complete a health form

Send reminders for your appointments or once your clients complete your personalized health assessment form, Optapro will send them a text to schedule their "on the phone" health assessment with you.


Link your zoom

Connect your zoom account to Optapro and let it auto create the zoom link, email everybody and save it to your calendar. All you have to do is show up, hit connect and you're on.


"I love freedom and I love travel which Optavia has been that gift for me! But THIS brings it all to another level.

I am not forgetting people, I have daily tasks to view, people are scheduling HA on my calendar-so I can see growing faster and better with this in my pocket!!!"

Elizabeth H.-Certified Independent Optavia Coach

"I recently hit Global and there is NO WAY I could have done it at this stage of life without Optapro. So thankful for this tool!"

Dave Y.- Certified Independent Optavia Coach

"I’d been coaching for over four years before I started using Optapro. And now four months in to using it, I already feel like it’s hard to remember life before Optapro!

My client notes, health assessment, jotforms, texts, scheduling links, and campaigns I’ve created are all in one place! Seriously, it’s the game changer we’ve all been looking for!"

Mary K.- Certified Independent Optavia Coach

The Pricing Plans

The most powerful way to keep track of client details, communication, and your schedule all in one secure place.



-30 Active Clients

-Built-in 100's List

-Booking Calendar Integration

-3rd Party phone # in your area code

-2 Text Campaigns

-Keep Notes/Task on your clients

-Live US-based Chat Support

Includes 500 Texts w/Rollover

0.03 per text over

(average ED uses 400 Text/mo)



Everything in Standard +

-Up to 75 active clients

-6 Text Campaigns

-Live US-based Chat Support

-Built-in Health Form

Includes 800 Texts w/Rollover

0.03 per text over



Everything in Professional +

-Unlimited Contacts

-Unlimited Campaigns

-Unlimited Forms

-Live US-based Chat Support

Personalized URL for calendar and health forms

Includes 1000 Texts w/Rollover

0.03 per text over

**Supports Up to Global Rank

Enterprise Edition

Was $499/mo

Now $299/mo

Everything in Professional +

Built-in SPRINT Challenge (Automated end-of-the-month challenge for your coaches to increase FQV)

Built-in Forms to Calendar Appointment Requests (make sure they've done their work before booking you to solve their problem)

Built-in text reminders for your team's weekly training

Includes 1700 Texts w/Rollover

0.03 per text over

(average IPD uses 1400 Text/mo)

Streamline your business, do good for others...

A portion of every monthly subscription goes to support Go.Build.Love an organization committed to bringing clean water, nutrition, and lasting Hope.

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Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Let's Connect

Meet Archie

My life was changed through this amazing health journey. I always say that I lost 40lbs but GAINED so much more. Confidence, health, and a new zest for life. My family members became Health Coaches and I was watching them reinvent the wheel every month trying to grow a business, keep up with daily tasks, remember who was on what day for the daily texts, and work all their family responsibilities in between!

For me, caring for people and relationships are everything. One of the best ways to be present and keep yourself organized is to have a system that reminds you of the details to clear up brain space so you can be the best "you" for yourself, your family, and your clients... That's why I started Optapro

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